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Product overview for standard power supply units

We would like to present a selection of our wide product range in this overview. We are happy to modify these basic products for you or develop new products according to your specifications on the basis of these prototypes. We can easily customise our products according to your needs.

We develop all of our products for different installation requirements such as wall cabinets, top-hat rails and 19-inch technology. We recently added models with water-cooling and are able to manufacture prototypes from this portfolio in a very short time. Since we only have to adjust details of our modules, our products are highly reliable and assure your facility's availability even after years.

AC/DC power supply units

AC-DC converters, adapters and power supply units convert the low-frequency alternating voltage from the grid to a electrically isolated DC output voltage.

DC/DC power supply units

DC/DC converters, switching regulators and other converters generate one or several DC output voltages. Depending on your needs the conversion may be electrically isolated or not isolated from the DC grid.  

Power sources

With the help of an additional shunt at the output, current sources directly regulate the output current and are more precise than ordinary voltage-regulated power supply units.  

Battery chargers

Chargers, rectifiers and mains chargers convert an alternating voltage from the grid into a electrically isolated DC charging voltage for lead gel, Li-ion or NiCd batteries.

Customised solutions

QUEL stands for expertise, passion and experience in the development and production of customised switch-mode power supplies from 10 to 4,000 watts.