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Success stories of customised switch-mode power supplies

After nearly three decades of product development and production, QUEL can fall back on a comprehensive wealth of experience in consulting, development, the new design of devices and systems, the testing area, quality control and service. At QUEL, we nurture and cherish these invaluable resources in our internal WIKI.

We would like to present some special cases that illustrate the excellent product features and details that were created in interaction with our customers. Time and again it is an exciting challenge to design electronic products that are optimised for certain applications, making them reliable and durable. At the same time, a priority is to uncover shortages in the supplier chain and find reliable counter measures to avoid them in future and diminish failure rates. We try to understand our customers' requirements down to the smallest details and use our wide technology basis and experience to keep development costs as low as possible and achieve optimal reliability.

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Our success stories: