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QUEL - power supply units for automation technologies

There are many automation power supply units for top hat rails available on the market. You will not find many customised multiple voltage power supply units with low power up to 25 W, however. QUEL offers this service at low development costs.

Apart from power supply units for top hat rails, QUEL also designs attractive customised multiple power supply units in 19'' technology with quick prototype construction and low development costs. 


Mark Vorpeil

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QUEL - Individual power supply solutions! Your partner for power supply solutions

  • Customised and individual solutions
  • Specialist for individual solutions - We make it possible
  • Development and Production - Made in Germany
  • Long-term customer retention with guaranteed product availability and service
  • All important processes under one roof (mechanics, SMT, winding materials)
  • µC technology, digital control and connection of devices
  • Rapid prototyping (circuit boards, mechanics, housing)
  • Various designs (19 inches in 1HE/2HE/3HE/6HE - open frame - top hat rail assembly)
  • Established quality management (TÜV according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994)