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AC/DC power supply units - robust and versatile

Our AC/DC power supply units are suitable for international input voltages with a wide tolerance range. Most of them are all equipped with an input circuitry for sinusoidal current drain (power factor correction).


Devices below 700W may be equipped with an automatic switch from 115 to 230 VAC, passive or active PFC. The automatic start function with an internal DC auto start makes the power supply units below 500 W suitable as DC-DC converters with an input voltage of 110/220/325 VDC, above 700 W up to 380 VDC. The multiple outputs are designed for high peak currents and can supply up to 50% extra power for up to 10 seconds.


Our products in this category:


Very high power density, completely digitally controlled, div. busses, Output voltage up to 400 V, max 3000 W, fan, PFC


Very high power density, completely digitally controlled, div. busses, output voltage up to 400 V, max. 1800 , fan, PFC

E700, E1k, V1k

Highly efficient,
high power density,
 versatile, controllable,
output voltage up to 400 V,
 max. 1600 W, fan, PFC


1 U flat, efficient, modular, multiple outputs,
versatile, controllable,
max. 1500 W, fan, PFC


1 U flat, MIL approved, silent, very long lifetime,
max. 1000 W,
fan, PFC


Passive Cooling,
max 1000 W,
up to 140 V,
digitally controlled

P350, P550

Multi output, high currents, Peak power 150%,
max. 350 W,
with fan 500 W


power and cost efficient,
max. 400 W, fan


Rugged, efficient, controllable, max. 400 W, convection cooled, PFC

VME200, VME300

VME signals, multi output, high peak current, peak power 150%, max. 300 W,
convection cooled


Up to 40A, multi output,
 peak power 150%,
max. 240 W,
convection cooled

E100, E150, E200

Rugged, versatile,
multi output,
Peak power 150%, max.240 W,
convection cooled


Suited for temperatures up to 80°C, highly efficient,
active PFC, max. 150 W,
convection cooled


multi output, versatile,
  peak power up to 800W, max.110 W,
convection cooled, PFC


Highly reliable, multi output, negative output voltage, customizable,
max. 60 W,
convection cooled

EC10, EC11, EC24

Small, versatile,
high endurance,
multi output,
max.24 W,
convection cooled