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Mobile electrical power supply cabinet

It provides a reliable DC-on-board power supply for test and operation in factories, workshop and hangars.


Charge and buffering of batteries
Supply of vehicle power and battery supported appliances
Test current supply



  • Output voltage 0-135 V, more voltage-ranges on request
  • Adjustment via display and rotary encoder
  • Wireless remote controlled operation, man-carried emergency stop
  • Insulated plastic housing provides contact-protection, e.g. from current-supply-rail and contact wire
  • Efficiency 93 %
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Modular system, number of modules according to power requirement
  • Monitoring and emergency stop with restart interlock
  • Signal light on top shows operation
  • Selective U-, I-, P- surveillance for each power unit
  • Designed for continuous long-term usage in factories and hangars in rough setting
  • Optional model for field work
  • Optional customized integration of peripheral technique
  • Spare part availability at least 10 years
  • Rugged customizable function switch
  • Connection with heavy use connectors, on request customizable
  • Solid rolls



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