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  • AC/DC power supply unit E2k

    – Up to 1800 W, 60 V, 80 A

    – Efficiency 93%

    – Digital control and monitoring

  • We are switching power! What are QUEL's strengths

    – Compassion and expertise

    – Solving problems with ease

    – Reliable and effective

    – Durable, long-living products

  • Custom-fit solutions for your individual power needs

    – Switching power supplies

    – AC/DC- and DC/DC-Converters

    – Battery charging and management systems

  • Features

    – 19 inch, 84 HP, 500 mm depth

    – 115/230 VAC, 1-3 phases

    - 4200 W, 2-3 outputs

  • IP54 devices - Splash-proof power supply for the highest demands

    – For water cooling

    – Multi output

    – Suitable for battery charging


AC/DC and DC/DC devices, power supply solutions, chargers, UPS, battery charging systems with battery management, special devices, compact PCI power supply units. Individual solutions for your power supply


Your advantages

- Power classes: 10 – 4000 watts
- individual, switched-mode power supplies
- integration of digital control units
- quick response, rapid prototyping
- different models and much more

Customised solutions


QUEL stands for expertise, passion and experience in the development and production of customised switch-mode power supplies. Let our solutions impress you.


Individual power supply units - Made in Germany

All processes under one roof

Consulting, rapid prototyping, development, production and quality control

Redundancy power supply unit

We measure and report redundancies

High-voltage power supply units

We begin where others have long given up.

Success stories

Exemplary solutions from our long company history.