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IP54 devices - splash-proof power supply for the highest standards

For water-cooling and decentralised appliances without cabinets, we have developed the splash-proof series IP500 and OB900 from the HEVW platform . The 8 mm thick aluminium flange is also suitable for the connection to a heat sink or a large wall surface (OB900). The devices are intrinsically safe and switch off in case of thermal overload. This enables higher power outputs than the permanent load described in the data sheet.


A peak load of 1400 W can be kept up for 10 seconds. Apart from normal power supply unit applications, we can also integrate battery chargers into the depicted housings. The round design has been developed particularly for flanging motors in on-board units. As a special solution, we can also integrate multiple voltages into the design.

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Splash-proof adapters - IP500 and OB900


  • Closed adapters with 500 W to 1000 W
  • Convection-cooled
  • Protection class IP54
  • Voltages 24/48/60/140 VDC
  • Up to 1000 W power output
  • Water-cooling possible
  • Battery charger and power supply unit
  • Single and dual voltage


Download data sheet

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Technical data:

IP500540 W119 inches64 mm324 mm324 mm

230 VAC

OB900900 W1Special64 mm324 mm324 mm230 VAC

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