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Quality control and certification

To ensure high product quality we put a comprehensive and active quality management into place. We try to find each potential error as soon as possible, correct it and prevent it from occurring again in future.


We have been certified according to ISO each year as of 1994. Since we are committed to our company's name (QUality ELelectronics), we do not see the certification as an end in itself, but instead try to put improvement potential into practice every day.

Strict incoming goods inspection
Our quality control begins with a strictly defined thorough incoming goods inspection of 100% of new components and special parts. The most important and quality relevant components are electro-magnetic parts (transformers and coils). We test them in our adjusted automatic transformer test system AT3600 which is optimally suited for high-frequency testing as well as high-voltage testing. Before storing them, we assign a bar code with a clear item number and date of receipt to all components at incoming goods. Of course, we also evaluate all of our suppliers according to an established scheme regarding their reliability and product quality.

Measures during the production process
We carry out a quality control after each clearly defined production stage. Thus we can assure that we always have the current information on the production progress and the execution quality at hand. We regularly evaluate this data to correct any structural errors as quickly as possible.
At the end of the production process of each electronically independent module, we conduct an automated functionality test. Using two redundant Labview®based testing systems, a wide range of operations can be simulated and evaluated. Apart from high-voltage and security tests, all of our devices go through an intensive burn-in test under full load and at the highest operational temperature before their delivery. This enables us to drastically reduce the possibility of an early failure in the field.


After the delivery ...
Even after leaving our house, all devices remain subject to our quality controls. All micro control-based devices can be updated to improved software versions in the field. We analyse each repair case - also in case of a replacement - so that we can use the insights to improve our standard products. Our change management makes sure that no changes are made that influence the existing approval of our standard devices.

Additional measures
During the entire production process, we register measurements for each individual module in our data base. The data set maps the entire "history" of a module so that we can draw detailed individual and statistical conclusions on possible error sources.
As the thermal load is the parameter that defines service life, we register temperature profiles of all performance-relevant components over the entire life cycle of our products to draw conclusions on the durability of components we use and possibilities to optimise our design. Thus we can ensure that our power supply units deliver the necessary power in your environment and over the time they have been specified for and that you have paid for. Another crucial prerequisite for high product quality are qualified and motivated employees. We continuously train our staff and make sure they can implement new knowledge in their daily tasks.