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Following our start as a pure development service provider in 1984, it became clearer over the years that a customised approach can only be put into practice to full satisfaction, when the production is equally flexible and offers fast response times.

These requirements can only be met by realising all core processes in-house - a procedure that enables us to effectively implement all of our customers' quality standards.


We offer the following in-house production technologies:

  • Automatic WE testing of magnetic components
  • MY 500 Jet Printer
  • Fully-automatic SMD
  • Vapour phase soldering machine
  • Double-wave soldering machine 
  • Optically guided discreet assembly stations
  • Individual ERP-CIM system 
  • Fully-automatic redundant performance test 
  • Regenerative burn-in test for modules and devices
  • Automatic high voltage test and protective conductor tests
  • Crimp technology and cable assembly
  • Metal treatment / mechanical production