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Battery chargers - E700B, E1kB


  • Test sockets for battery current and voltage
  • 90% efficient
  • High power density (up to 425 W/l)
  • Redundant decoupling diode at the output
  • Temperature tracking, fail safe relays
  • Interfaces for process-controlled system monitoring M7.2 
  • LEDs: ok (green), excess temperature (red)


Download E700 data sheet 

Download E1k data sheet 

Download V1k data sheet 

Download E1k-system charger data sheet


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Models and technical data:

E700700 W12/24/48/60 V 115/230 VAC 
19 inches
3 HE
24 TE220 mm
E700700 W12/24/48/60 V115/230 VACHousing,
top hat rail
112 mm120 mm231 mm
E1k1000 W24/48/60 V115/230 VAC19 inches3 HE26 TE220 mm
E1k1000 W24/48/60 V115/230 VACHousing,
top hat rail
112 mm130 mm231 mm

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