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QUEL - power supply units for measurement and testing technologies

Hardly any interference from the outside and low residual ripple are the typical requirements in measurement and control engineering.

They can be fulfilled through additional linear treatment and readjustment of sensible analogue voltages, low-drop regulators, additional filtering of the outputs, galvanic isolation of the system from digital interferences and selective relocation and isolation of cables. Based on the extensive knowledge of our experienced layouters and development engineers.

Our power supply units provide the following features:

  • Additional linear stabilisation of auxiliary outputs
  • Small output ripple 
  • Programmability with analogue voltage 
  • Monitoring of outputs and inputs with signalling
  • High mains buffering
  • Low noise emissions at the input
  • Internal and external BUS systems (e.g. RS232, USB, I²C and CAN)
  • 19'' plug-in technology for a quick assembly or adjusted circuit board constructions 


Real-life impressions

Mark Vorpeil

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QUEL - Individual power supply solutions! Your partner for power supply solutions

  • Customised and individual solutions
  • Specialist for individual solutions - We make it possible
  • Development and Production - Made in Germany
  • Long-term customer retention with guaranteed product availability and service
  • All important processes under one roof (mechanics, SMT, winding materials)
  • µC technology, digital control and connection of devices
  • Rapid prototyping (circuit boards, mechanics, housing)
  • Various designs (19 inches in 1HE/2HE/3HE/6HE - open frame - top hat rail assembly)
  • Established quality management (TÜV according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994)