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Rapid prototyping - super fast and flexible

As our customers come from different fields and often do not have clearly defined product specifications, we support them in defining all necessary requirements before starting our development by using customised prototypes.  To assure a quick and calculable development process, we perform the most important production processes for quick in-house prototype manufacturing.

CNC circuit board plotter
Our CNC circuit board plotter allows us to turn very specific customer requests regarding the mechanical design (for example front panels, profiles, housing or heat sinks) into a prototype or a small series within a very short time. Of course it is directly connected to our in-house CAD system AutoCAD that, at quasi-industry standard, allows us to implement customer requirements that already exist in electronic form.

Additional basic product range
After 25 years on the market for power supply solutions, we can fall back on a wide range of reliable products that established themselves on the market. We hold nearly all of the rights to these products and our development team can quickly adjust them to your electric requirements. Thanks to this broad approach and the use of all important circuit topologies, we can offer you a wide range of passive and active power electronic special components that have already been launched on the market.

In-house SMD production
In order to evaluate prototypes regarding their function and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) we implement them using SMT (Surface Mount Technology) in our MyData pick and place machine My12 that can be modified extremely fast.  The following vapour phase soldering process ensures a high soldering quality at the early stages of product development. We are able to minimise frictional losses and sources of error in the development stadium by connecting our layout system electronically to our bill of materials management, our in-house ERP system and our assembly system.

RFI measurement chamber
In order to evaluate and improve EMC as soon as in the prototype stadium, we work with our own RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) measurement chamber. Our development team can thus evaluate development steps right away without having to rely on costly and time consuming external test laboratories.