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AC/DC and DC/DC power supply units - HT150

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  • For high temperature enviroment
  • 150 W to 80°C without derating
  • Free convection, fanless
  • High efficiency
  • Wide input voltage range due to PFC
  • Higher power at lower temperatures variantes
  • Activation behavior and fault management by µC control   


More variants are possible within the following limits:

max. 150 W at 80°C
max. 10 A
max. 150 V

Higher power output possible at lower maximum temperatures.

Version HT150/V597 in a robust IP50 aluminiumcase


Download HT150 Data sheet

Download HT150/V597 Data sheet

Models and technical data:


HT150150 W190-265 VAC
100-375 VDC
19 inches
3 U
10 HP160 mm

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