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QUEL - Individual power supply solutions

QUEL - our power supply units have been developed and produced in Germany since 1984. Together with our staff, we have successfully averted crises and emerged strengthened. Our employees form an experienced team that steadily keeps on developing its experience and knowledge. Low fluctuation ensures that you will always be able to talk about your product to a qualified contact partner.

We are striving for a long-term and cooperative partnership with our customers. QUEL is both service provider and manufacturer and does not only sell devices "off the shelf" but develops the accurate solutions that you need.


Our principles: 

  • We solve complicated matters easily.
  • We execute your project reliably and sustainably.
  • Our customised devices are small, light, durable and can be used worldwide. 
  • We want to convince you with our service.
  • We combine performance with creativity, innovative ideas, team work, technical know-how and enthusiasm to design your product.  
  • We work in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. We act responsibly and use all advantages of our location in Germany.
  • We make customer and staff satisfaction a priority. 
  • We permanently improve our products using the latest circuit and production technologies.


Quality is our first priority.
The reliability and efficiency of our devices and processes is of paramount importance - we only deliver quality. We are committed to our name: QUalityELectronics


Don't be afraid of the costs.
Individual, customised products do not need to be more expensive than serial productions - if you compare the costs of a whole system, the opposite is often the case. Solutions that are adapted to the customer's requirements lower development and production costs. The most modern production and test strategies lower production costs. High efficiencies result in cost savings - also in service. A long service life, permanent product improvements and service and low field failure rates secure the availability of your systems, minimise maintenance costs and ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.