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Electrical Cabinet WS4000

Our electrical cabinet provides a reliable and durable UPS-system for safety related systems in electric supply companies and critical applications with the need for uninterruptible operation.




  • N * 2 redundancy
  • AC- and/or DC-Input, (AC: 90-265 V, DC: 90-375 V)
  • Simultaneous different input voltages possible          
  • Free convection cooling, no fan
  • Efficiency 94-95 %
  • Operation temperature range 0-60 °C (derating above 45 °C)
  • Modular system, number of modules according to power requirements.
  • Monitoring per module or as cummulated signal
  • Customer configurable status and fault indication by signal-relay or CAN bus
  • Customer configurable circuit breakers and fuses
  • Customer specific selective line protection  by a special high count modules Customized integration of peripheral technique (e.g. isolation control)
  • High qualitystandards, developed and produced in Germany
  • Longtime technical support and spare-part availibillity

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