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The longest testing period

This power supply unit replaces a competitor's product by 100% and is smaller, downward compatible and has many more functions than its successor which had been developed according to the customer's specifications.

It generates programmable power outputs that are modularly interchangeable and an overall output of 4.2 kW.

The necessary voltages are interactively supplied by the transmitter using RS232. The radio interference degree of the device is 14dB below the limit value curve B that begins at 10 kHz long wave in this specific case. It even fulfils shock and vibration standards that are required on the high seas. Emission values according to STANAG and MIL are complied with. The biggest challenges, however, were the temperature, humidity and condensation tests in the climatic chamber. A small drop of water made us invest a lot of time and material. We did not achieve the desired results at first, working with longer clearance and creepage distances, varnishing and insulation in the primary area. The desired result was achieved by fixating a cable and changing its position. A drop of water had condensed on the cable during the cooling phase of the humidity test and had dripped onto the primary circuit board.  

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